• Custom Baby Shower Decorating Kit - A Lil' Moore
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Custom Baby Shower Decorating Kit


Need more bodysuits? More craft items? Not sure which theme to choose? This custom baby shower decorating kit listing is for your! Simply provide us with some additional info below and we will reach out to put together your very own custom listing!

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There is a $10 fee to create a custom baby shower decorating kit listing. This fee is non- refundable. Once contacted with specifics, I will work diligently to ensure your kit is put together quickly and to your satisfaction. You can add more markers, more bodysuits, more iron-on sheets, etc. You can also create a fully custom baby shower decorating kit with any amount of bodysuits needed, as long as they are in increments of 3. Example, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, etc.

*Please note I can not create custom iron-on decals. They have all been hand drawn by my artist and then made into transfer sheets. All iron-on sheets are available to our customers- regardless of what theme you choose. They are interchangeable.

This kit will be used to create bodysuits for a baby...

Boy, Girl, Gender not yet known

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