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Iron-On Decal Sheets


In need of a couple extra iron-on decal sheets to add more variety to your decorating kit? You can purchase three additional sheets here in this standalone product!

Please choose three iron-on decals. To view all available iron-on sheets, click here to view our iron-on directory!

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Our iron-on decal sheets are of very high quality! Have you ever purchased store bought DIY heat transfer sheets that you can print out on your home printer? Have you noticed how badly they go on? Or perhaps they don’t adhere to the garment at all, and they completely ruin whatever you were working on?

No need to worry about this predicament with our decals! Our iron-on sheets are warm peel sheets. This means that after you iron and press them on, you quickly remove the plastic while still warm. This allows for an easy removal process, and no sticking.

All of our sheets contain designs made exclusively by A lil’ Moore. They are one of a kind hand drawn images, in which our artist primarily used paint or markers in the design process. This is very unique to A lil’ Moore. A lot of companies that sell iron-on decals tend to have had them made up on photoshop. You can rest assured our designs are as unique as your baby!

Please choose three iron-on sheets. To view available iron-on decal sheets, click here to view our directory.

Iron-On Decal Instructions

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 12 in
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