What's Included in the Kits?


Proudly display your bodysuit decorating station with our trendy balloons! Choose from either our gold or silver foil ''DESIGN STATION'' balloon set! Each 12'' letter is easily blown up with the straw provided-no helium required. The letters are then strung up with the white ribbon included, for an easy to do balloon presentation.


You get (3) bodysuits in each of the following sizes. (More if you purchase the 18 or 24 piece kit- Sizes will vary). Each set contains one new colorful bodysuit!

  • 0-3 months (Contains the banana colored bodysuit and 2 white bodysuits)
  • 3-6 months (Contains the grey melange colored bodysuit and 2 white bodysuits)
  • 6-12 months (Contains the honeydew colored bodysuit and 2 white bodysuits)
  • 12-18 months (Contains the tomato colored bodysuit and 2 white bodysuits)
*Please wash bodysuit inside out when washing and line dry.


*COMPLIMENTARY with any size Kit! A $65 VALUE!

This bag is constructed with a high quality canvas along with touches of soft suede. It has many pockets of different sizes to carry anything and everything! It has a total of 15 pockets in all! So many different things can be stored in this bag due to its ability to compartmentalize items- which makes it extremely versatile! Use it as a diaper bag, overnight bag, or a beach bag! The possibilities are endless!

-Tote measures 16''x 12''x 8''


These serve as a barrier between the front and back side of the bodysuit . They are to be used so that fabric markers and ink do not penetrate through to the other side of the garment. It will also allow you to hang your bodysuit so that it may dry before the end of the shower- ensuring a non-messy way of transporting them home.


Designed to shine and shimmer and to compliment any themed baby shower! Use these to hang each bodysuit with the bodysuit hanger. Hang them from the twine to create a beautiful presentation when the guests arrive at the event!


These markers are permanent and dry very quickly. They include all colors of the rainbow so you will have every color you could need. Use to create your own design, or just to sign your name on the tag.


10 yards of natural colored twine is included in each kit. String up all bodysuits for a grand presentation at the shower!

*Staircases are a great place to string the twine for an impressive display!


These gender neutral stamps come in a natural wood box with an easy to open/close sliding cover. They contain all unisex designs that include; a bicycle, bumble bee, balloon, giraffe, pocket watch, seesaw, bird, paper airplane, ice cream cone, tree with tire swing, kite, palm tree and sand, smiling sun, vintage telephone, and a poodle animal balloon. They can be kept after the party and used for scrapbooking and/or creating more baby items.


There are two color ink pads, in each ink pad set- 8 different colors in total!

Stamp your images with our red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black permanent ink pads. These are quick drying and the bodysuits can be washed within 72 hours of designing.


These patches are iron-on and include; a grapefruit, watermelon popsicle, striped popsicle, cheeseburger, pizza, egg, donut, ice cream cone, an orange, pop can, soda can, sandwich cookie, watermelon, avocado, ice cream bar, French fries, glass of milk, box of donuts, cupcake, sushi, apple, popcorn, banana, and a swirl lollipop. All patches vary in size.


You will receive 1 full set of alphabet iron-on letters and symbols: Spell out the babys' name or a funny saying with these beautifully designed iron-on letters! We give you just enough of each letter to create all the phrases and sayings you would like. These are one of a kind and exclusive to A lil' Moore!


These quality bodysuits are 100% cotton and are very soft and thick! One unique feature that makes us different from any other onesie/bodysuit out there is that we make it possible for the designer of the bodysuit to write his/her name on the tag of the garment. “Designed with Love By: ________.” is printed on the underside of the tag. This allows for the designer to sign his/her name so that the mom and baby will know who designed their precious bodysuit for years to come.

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